Projects: Various

Cloudhopper Balloon
The Bells
Dali Clock, Weeping Tree
Rubik Cubes
Perpetual Calendar

Cloudhopper Balloon

I love ballooning over the Second Life mainland.

This balloon is the “cloudhopper” style, where the balloonist hangs from the balloon in a harness, with no gondola to obstruct the view. I’ve never seen a balloon of this type in Second Life, so I made one.

It has several other unique features:

  • It can maintain a constant height over land, automatically rising up hills and dropping into valleys.
  • It can automatically follow the shoreline, or any other contour line.
  • You can have it record your travels to this website. Afterwards, you can see a map showing your journey.

You can pick up a time-limited free demo or buy the full version from the vendor at my home in Jernberg.

The Bells

These bells are scripted to perform the old English art of change-ringing, in which a team of bell-ringers ring a set of church bells in mathematically complex ways. No bell-ringers needed, just press a button to start ringing the changes.

The bell tower is modelled after the tower of St. Mary le Bow Church in London, where the famous Bow Bells are installed.

This build is permanently rezzed at my home in Jernberg.


There is an excellent web comic, Leftover Soup, whose creator puts out an invitation for fan art once a year. I made this mesh avatar of one of the characters, Maxine Hellenberger. The face automatically changes its expression at random intervals.

The avatar has no “clothes” as such — everything you see here is the mesh avatar.

I later added a giant Mexican hat in prims, and a pair of mesh revolvers that suited her default standing posture.


Dali Clock, Weeping Tree

This is inspired by the melting clocks that appear in some of Salvador Dali’s paintings. It can tell SL time, real time in any time zone, or surreal time, where it speeds up and slows down according to its own whim, playing suitably melting chimes.

The Weeping Tree is the clock build without the clock, a bare tree that endlessly weeps tears on the bare ground.

Rubik cubes

These are fully functioning Rubik cubes of sizes 2×2×2, 3×3×3, 4×4×4, and 5×5×5. In principle, any size is possible, but larger sizes run up against the limits of Second Life scripting.

Click the edge and corner cubes to rotate a whole slice. You get a fanfare when you solve it.

There are also two sets of Rubik cube earrings, one pair scripted and one not.

A 2×2×2 cube is permanently installed for anyone to use at my home in SL.


This looks like a small flock of bats, aimlessly circling. Approach too near, however, and they will mob you furiously until you leave.

The slideshow shows them installed in my Gloomy Churchyard.

Perpetual Calendar

This calendar shows the current year, month, and day of the month, and will last indefinitely, or at least until the end of the year 9999, when it rolls back to 0000. A different random picture can be shown each day, or a fixed picture each month. It comes loaded with a set of pictures of scenes in Second Life, and you can add your own. The day changes over at midnight in whatever time zone you set.


This is a set of five snowglobes, each of which comes in two forms: a table ornament, and a hanging bauble for a Christmas tree. Particle snow endlessly falls on a Christmas scene: a village, a forest, a fort, a tree with a star on top, and gaily-coloured parcels.

Snow falls endlessly
On the night before Christmas
In the toy village.

In the snowy fort
No soldiers patrol the walls
Are they all on leave?






Snow on online pines
If no-one logs in to see
Did the snowflake fall?

Presents! All for me?
Take as many as you like
They're copiable.